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Selected for their timeless elegance and personal touch, these housewarming gifts fit with most every decor and will surely transform their house into a home. Although each design in the Glass Dimensions Collection is an ideal housewarming gift, we hope this list of recommended housewarming gifts helps you quickly find the perfect gift for which you have been searching.

Callalily Oil Candles 1
Callalily Collection
The Callalily Collection of oil candles, candleholders, and bud vase is a set of housewarming gifts that combine form, function, and beauty. Blown by hand, the pieces of the Callalily Collection capture the graceful lines of their namesake flower. A work of art, this collection of housewarming gifts will be a forever treasured beautiful addition to their new home.
Coral Lights Oil Candles 1
Coral Lights
The natural curves of the Coral Lights Oil Candles make this housewarming gift perfect for any decor. The unique oil candle design allows you to accent the oil candle with a color of lamp oil to match their new decor or the occasion. As a pair, Coral Lights Oil Candles are an elegant alternative to the ordinary dining table taper candles. As a trio on the mantle or sideboard, the Coral Lights Oil Candles create a warm, natural glow that sets a relaxing ambiance for the entire room making this a perfect housewarming gift for their new home.
Highlight Oil Candles 1
Highlight Oil Candles
Whether by themselves, a pair, in a set of three, or the complete set of four, the Highlight Oil Candles are a beautiful addition to any decor. This beautiful housewarming gift is an original design by David Perkins. In addition to capturing highlights from the candlelight, the fire polished cylinder protects the flame making this piece perfect for use outside or on the porch. A perfect housewarming gift, the Highlight Oil Candle makes a wonderful centerpiece for a dinner by candlelight and adds just the right touch to create that festive ambiance.
Illusion Light Oil Candles 1
Illusion Oil Candles and Vases
A housewarming gift that will forever be remembered. Handcrafted from clear crystal, the Illusion Collection of glass oil candles and glass vases possesses a simple yet elegant design. A beautiful addition to any decor, they make the perfect housewarming gift. These handcrafted original oil candles and vases make the perfect accent to any side or end table as well as the living room coffee table. For larger tables and dining room tables, a set of three different sizes nested together adds the perfect touch to any festive occasion.
Ensemble Oil Lamp 1
Ensemble Oil Candle
The Ensemble Oil Candle blends elegance and beauty in this handblown work of art. In addition to capturing highlights from the candlelight, the fire polished cylinder protects the flame making this piece perfect for use outside or on the porch. This wonderful housewarming gift makes an exquisite centerpeice on the dining room table and is the perfect accent to any decor.
Tripod Sphere Oil Candles 1
Tripod Sphere Oil Candles
The Tripod Sphere Oil Candles are simply elegant housewarming gifts. Made by hand, the hand blown sphere of this unique oil candle is attached to the fire polished glass base. The Tripod Sphere Oil Candles are perfect for an end table or sideboard. A set of 3 Tripod Sphere Oil Candles make a wonderful centerpiece on the dining room table for wonderful evenings by candlelight.
Monogrammed Napkin Rings 1
Monogrammed Napkin Rings
A wonderful housewarming gift, the Monogrammed hand blown glass napkin rings will be as memorable as they are beautiful. The monogram on this housewarming gift is engraved in the classy Old English style. Put the final touch on their table setting with these exquisite napkin rings. A napkin ring for any occasion, the Monogrammed Napkin Rings are the perfect housewarming gift.