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Celebrate the season with unique glass gifts and decor handcrafted by American artisans. This section of our web store lists a number of favorites. Whether you are looking for a gift or the right design to decorate your home, you can count on exceptional craftsmanship from our artisans and superior service from our customer representatives.
Lexington Oil Lamp 1
Lexington Oil Lamp - Style C  (Out of Stock)
Lexington Oil Lamp - 11", Style C
Aspen Oil Candle 1
Aspen Oil Candle - Medium  (Out of Stock)
Aspen Oil Candle 10 1/2"
Monogrammed Napkin Rings 1
Monogrammed Napkin Rings - Set/8  (Out of Stock)
Monogrammed Napkin Rings - Set/8
Glacier Lights Oil Candle 1
Glacier Lights Oil Candle
Glacier Lights Centerpiece Oil Candle 6 1/2"
Tripod Sphere Oil Candles 1
Tripod Sphere Oil Candles - Set of 3
Tripod Sphere Oil Candles - Set/3
Diamond Oil Candle 1
Starfire Diamond Oil Candle - Medium
Starfire Diamond Oil Candle 7 3/4"
Orion Signature Angels 1
Orion Signature Oil Candle - Large
Height: 6"
Fuel Capacity: 4 ounces

Design: 786
Stemmed Cube Oil Candles 1
Stemmed Cube Oil Candles - Set/3
Stemmed Cube Oil Candles - Set of 3 (6 1/2", 8", and 9 1/2")
New England (Medium) - Engraved  (Out of Stock)
New England Oil Lamp 10 1/2" - Engraved
Ensemble Oil Lamp 1
Ensemble Oil Lamp
Ensemble Oil Lamp

Height: 12"
Fuel Capacity: 9 oz

Design: 308
Standing Canvas Oil Candle Iris 2
Standing Canvas Oil Candle - Sm
Standing Crystal Canvas Oil Candle

Height: 7"
Fuel Capacity: 3 oz

Design: 627
Crystal Canvas Oil Candle Pinecone 2
Crystal Canvas Oil Candle - Small
Crystal Canvas Oil Candle

Height: 4 3/4"
Fuel Capacity: 4 oz

Design: 625