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The hand blown and handcrafted original glass oil candles, oil lamps, and other glass designs from the artisans of Glass Dimensions make the perfect gifts for celebrating life's special moments. From housewarming gifts to holiday gifts and wedding gifts to anniversary gifts, these works of art will forever capture the hearts of those who receive them. Although each design in the Glass Dimensions Collection makes a wonderful gift, we hope these lists of recommended gifts help you quickly find the perfect gift for which you have been searching.

Anniversary Diamond Oil Candle 1
Anniversary Gifts
Striking designs, the romance of candlelight, your occasion engraved in glass . . . All the elements of the right anniversary gift and the perfect way to set the mood for your anniversary celebration.
Anniversary Ensemble Oil Candle 1
Wedding Gifts
This list of recommended wedding gifts includes a wonderful selection of personalized wedding gifts that are engraved with the names of the bride and groom and the date of their wedding. These wedding gifts have a truly personal touch and will always be there for the newlyweds to rekindle that joyful moment. Whether you choose a personalized wedding gift or one of the other recommended designs, your wedding gift will be forever treasured by the bride and groom.
Lexington Oil Lamp 1
Engagement Gifts
Recognize their engagement with a gift that sets the mood for their celebration. The following striking designs have been selected as most suitable for delighting the newly engaged couple. To view the rest of the handcrafted collection by the artisans of Glass Dimensions, click here.
Diamond Oil Candle 1
Wedding Shower Gifts
This list of recommended wedding shower gifts includes a wonderful selection of oil candles, oil lamps, candleholders, vases and monogrammed napkin rings. A wonderful wedding shower gift to celebrate the special occasion. Each wedding shower gift is made from handcrafted and/or hand blown crystal glass by American Artisans in Essex, Massachusetts.
Unity Forever Classic Unity Candle 1
Unity Candles of the Unity Forever™ Collection
The unity candles of the Unity Forever™ Collection will make your wedding day last forever. Each unity candle is engraved with your names, the date of your occasion, and your choice of Unity Engraving design. The unity candle engraving design options are pictured along with each unity candle. Click on any of the unity candles in this section to see the available unity candle engraving options. The Unity Forever™ crystal unity candles serve as exceptional ceremony centerpieces and will always be there to rekindle that joyful moment.
Aspen Oil Candle 1
Unique Holiday Gifts
Celebrate the season with unique glass gifts and decor handcrafted by American artisans. This section of our web store lists a number of favorites. Whether you are looking for a gift or the right design to decorate your home, you can count on exceptional craftsmanship from our artisans and superior service from our customer representatives.
Callalily Oil Candles 1
Housewarming Gifts
Selected for their timeless elegance and personal touch, these housewarming gifts fit with most every decor and will surely transform their house into a home. Although each design in the Glass Dimensions Collection is an ideal housewarming gift, we hope this list of recommended housewarming gifts helps you quickly find the perfect gift for which you have been searching.

Oasis Oil Candles 1
Relaxation / Meditation Candlelight
Simply soothing. These original handcrafted oil candles are ideal for reaching that inner calm. Celebrate the beauty of simplicity while setting the right mood for relaxing conversation or quiet meditation.
Orion Signature Oil Candle Claddagh 1
Irish Gifts
Set the mood for romantic evenings with a Claddagh gift to cherish forever.
Baby Signature Oil Candle 1
Baby Gifts
Personalized baby gifts for the new parents to celebrate the birth of their child. A gift that will surely become a family heirloom.
Valentine's Day Gifts