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Many thanks to all of you who take the time to relate your experiences.
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She LOVES them!!!!!
Rich from Pennsylvania
April 27th 2011
"Entire family loves them and can't get over the quality ..."
Terry from Florida
January 12th 2011
"This is a company that is fantastic to work with ..."
John from Connecticut
December 16th 2010
"my Sister and brother in law were utterly "blown away" with the beauty ..."
Conrad from New Hampshire
December 3rd 2010
"everybody loved it and complimented us the whole night ..."
Nancy from Minnesota
November 22nd 2010
"Keep up the good work ..."
Beverly from Tennessee
November 19th 2010
"she was in awe when she opened up ..."
James from Florida
October 23rd 2010
" I am absolutely blown away by the beauty of the Wedding candle ..."
Donna from West Virginia
April 8th 2010
" I am absolutely thrilled with the candle and with all contacts ..."
Joan from South Carolina
May 8th 2009
" I was speechless!!! ..."
Daniel from North Dakota
June 12th 2009
" It was a pleasure doing business with you ..."
Donald from Hawaii
February 11th 2010
" my wife is overjoyed with the look and is really happy ..."
Don from Florida
May 22nd 2008
" quiet, yet gentle reminder of this special anniversary ..."
Susan from Maryland
February 4th 2008
" they are GREAT! You can't go wrong! ..."
Vincent from New York
July 21st 2009
" they were both totally delighted ..."
Margaret from Colorado
April 23rd 2008
". . . the Claddagh Wedding Lamp packed with such care. It's lovely. . ."
Jan from California
August 16, 2005
". . .your products are helping to make my wedding everything I dreamed of. . ."
Deb from Massachusetts
August 30, 2005
"... a piece that provides so much solace to the parents of my nephew ..."
Jean from Kentucky
October 22th 2007
"5 times as beautiful as it was on their website! ..."
Madison from Connecticut
November 20th 2009
"[I] am writing to tell you how much I enjoy them and the artistry ..."
Kurt from California
March 7th, 2007
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