After 4 decades of bringing life enhancing handcrafted glass decor to countless homes around the world, the Glass Dimensions story has come to a close.

The Glass Dimensions story began with the gifted hands of a New England artisan. While working as a scientific glass blower in the late 1960's Dave Perkins developed a passion for shaping the molten red glow of glass into the compelling designs of his imagination. Setting up shop in the basement of his home in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Dave honed his skills in the art of glass blowing. His striking glass designs soon attracted the attention of local area gift shops and by 1974 with demand growing for his work, Dave was finally able to devote himself entirely to his passion. Together with his wife Maureen, he founded Glass Dimensions in March of 1975, and his vision for enhancing the lives of others with his craft was born.

Words cannot begin to express the depth of appreciation we have felt over the years for the opportunity to practice our craft and serve our many loyal customers. We hope you find that Dave's designs continue to serve you for years to come as striking designs for celebrating life's special moments, the spark for festive gatherings, and the centerpiece of a relaxing ambiance for quiet evenings at home.

Thank you.